Your Wedding On-Board....

Having your wedding on-board a cruise ship is not
for the ordinary! This plan is for the couple that want
to step out of the traditional wedding! They want to
make that statement and they want to make it
memorable for all of their closest friends and family!
Generally, the most popular plan is a European cruise
wedding with ports of call, for example, Greece or Italy or even
Spain! Lots of couples like to visit the land of their ancestors. 









Waiting for your guests to arrive!

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Most couples will bring their clergy with them and of course
officiate the ceremony on-board. Or occasionally the
Captain of the ship will officiate your wedding. 


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All planning will be done by us. All you need to do is have
your gown, your attendants, the tuxes and the rings and the
rest we will arrange. With your guest list after announcements
and invitations are sent out, your family and friends will contact
us and we will take their deposits and final payment from them directly.

There are many cruise ships to choose from!

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