A major element to this website is Romance and the
importance of it's pages to be helpful, useful and a guide
to inspire couples to go beyond the norm for a perfect
travel plan for you, the couple!
As you will discover our goal is to include all couples with no 
distinction of who should be coupled with who. If your choice
or lifestyle is Straight or LGBT you are welcome here!  Love
comes in all ways,shades and colors, by saying that, again love has no boundaries.
Love and romance come to couples who see the inside and could care less about the
outside. There's an old saying, Don't judge a book by it's cover! Example,my experience
is, talking to couples and planning their first get-away together or their honeymoon, and
when my curiosity strikes, I will ask, So what brought you two together? The answer and
the reaction is always the same, first the giggles from both and then the popular answer, \
the eyes (which is the gateway to the soul) and the heart (the kindness and gentleness
of the person). So feel welcomed and feel at ease, we are here for you, the couple!

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