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The Golden Eagle Luxury Train has 17 itineraries:
1. Tran-Siberian Express (Eastbound)
2. Ulaan Baatar Express (Moscow0Ulaan Baatar)
3. Arctic Explorer (Northern Lights)
4. Trans-Siberian Express Winter Wonderland
    (Eastbound and Westbound)
5. Persian Odyssey (Southbound & Northbound)
6. Heart of Persia
7. Land of the Midnight Sun
8. Hellenic Treasures (Budapest to Athens)
9. Trans-Mongolian Express & The Naadam Fest.
    (Eastbound & Westbound)
10. Balkan Odyssey (Budapest-Venice and reverse)
11. Grand Tour of Russia (Eastbound)
12. Sicilian Odyssey (Southbound & Northbound)
13. Silk Road (Eastbound & Westbound)
14. A Taste of Silk Road (Moscow-Almaty & reverse)
15. Tibet and China Rail Discovery
16. Caspian Odyssey
17. New Year in Vienna
Please note: for exact itinerary, rates, dates and availability
please inquire early. There is only one Imperial Car per
journey, and it's always the first to be sold. Book with us as
far inadvance as possible to avoid disappointment! (844) 9 BOOK IT



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